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Happy birthday to me
One year older, but it is worth when you receive presents like this :)
United Arab Emirates, 10 Dirhams, 2001
Lithuania, 2 Litai, 2013, KurėnasLithuania, 2 Litai, 2013, PuntukasLithuania, 2 Litai, 2013, Stemužės ąžuolasLithuania, 2 Litai, 2013, Verpstė
Findinds at Mallacoota market
Papua New Guinea, 2 Toea, 1976Papua New Guinea, 5 Toea, 1998Papua New Guinea, 10 Toea, 1975Papua New Guinea, 20 Toea, 1999
Last months
Over the last few months I was busy building my new site and the collection it self was abandoned a little bit. But finally the site is up and I can go back to organizing items. During this time I received few new coins from my "suppliers" in Australia Sarah and Isaac, and from Indrė and Giedrė in Lithuania. Thanks everyone! And I also did some digging my self. Thanks to me too :)
Australia, 2 Dollars, 1966
Fiji, 6 Pence, 1965Georgia, 10 Tetri, 1993Ireland, 1 Penny, 1992Lithuania, 2 Litai, 2012Papua New Guinea, 1 Toea, 1975Singapore, 20 Cents, 1967Singapore, 50 Cents, 1989Singapore, 20 Cents, 2006Singapore, 5 Cents, 2007South Africa, 2 Cents, 1974
Asian animals
Thanks again, Sarah and Isaac, for this great contribution to my collection!
Laos, 500 Kip, 1988Laos, 1000 Kip, 2003Viet Nam, 1000 Dong, 1988
Australia, 20 Cents, 2001, Centenary of Federation - Tasmania
My loyal hunters Giedrė and Arvydas added another trophy from Africa to my collection. Cheers!
UEMOA, 1000 West African CFA Francs, 2003
Equatorial animals
These animals came from different parts of the world – Maldives, Ghana and Gabon, but they all have one thing in common – they like warmth :) Thank you Giedrė and Arvydas! Keep it coming :)
Central African CFA, 1000 Francs, 2002
Ghana, 20 Pesewas, 2007Maldives, 5 Laari, 1990Maldives, 2 Rufiyaa, 2007Maldives, 50 Laari, 2008
Australian ram
Sarah and Isaac did it again! Thanks for this one. It seems that you are more lucky in finding rare coins than I am.
Australia, 50 cents, 1991, 25th Anniversary of decimal currency
Animals from the islands
Another pleasant surprise from the Pits. Thank you and happy New Year!
New Zealand, 5 Dollars, 1999
Solomon Island, 10 cents, 2005Solomon Island, 50 cents, 2008
Coins for food
It’s good to have neighbours that will trade anything for food. This time we had some carrot pie and the only thing they had was a hand full of Aussie coins But to be more serious, I would really like to thank Isaac, who brought all those coins, and his mother living in Queensland, who decided to give this treasure to someone she even doesn’t know. This is an awesome addition to my collection. Thanks again.
Australia, 20 Cents, 2001, Centenary of Federation - Australian Capital TerritoryAustralia, 20 Cents, 2001, Centenary of Federation - New South WalesAustralia, 20 Cents, 2001, Centenary of Federation - QueenslandAustralia, 20 Cents, 2001, Centenary of Federation - VictoriaAustralia, 20 Cents, 2001, Sir Donald BradmanAustralia, 50 Cents, 1988, Australia 1788 - 1988Australia, 50 Cents, 2000, Royal VisitAustralia, 50 Cents, 2002, Year of OutbackAustralia, 50 Cents, 2004New Zealand, 10 Cents, 2006New Zealand, 20 Cents, 2006New Zealand, 50 Cents, 2006
Eurobasket 2011
If I can’t come to Eurobasket, Eurobasket comes to me, thanks to Indrė.
Lithuania, 1 Litas, 2011, Eurobasket 2011