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Illegal animal import
Some elephants, few camels, a rhino and a tiger have been illegally imported to Australia recently. Thanks to Marčius and Latvis.
India, 10 Rupees, 2010Kenya, 50 Shillings, 2009Kenya, 1000 Shillings, 2009
Crazy bird migration
Not sure, whether it is normal bird migration, or those ibises were completely lost, but they traveled all the way from Trinidad and Tobago to France and finally to Australia, straight to my collection. Thank you, Indre.
Trinidad and Tobago, 1 Dollar, 2002
Canadian beauty
These bills are virtually never seen in general circulation today, although there are many still being collected or otherwise held on to, since there are more than 100 millions notes that have not been returned to the Bank of Canada. I am glad that one of these notes found a place in my collection. The most recent banknote series that included the $2 note was released in 1986 (the “Birds of Canada” series).
Canada, 2 Dollars, 1986
The Record Breaker
In 2008 official inflation in Zimbabwe reached an abnormal level of 200 thousand percent (unofficially it was 89,7 sextillion percent, that’s a number with 20 zeros). That year the government of Zimbabwe issued a banknote with the highest value ever – 100 trillion dollars (100 000 000 000 000). As it as some animals animals on it, here it is in my collection.
Zimbabwe, 100 Trillion Dollars, 2008
Zero madness
On the last day of winter I was walking around in Downtown Vilnius and came around to the Flea market. And there I accidentally became a millionaire, or a trillionaire to be more exact. The man in the market was selling banknotes with an incredible face value of 50 000 000 000 000 and I could not resist to buy one. No, I have not made a mistake typing the number, and your eyes don’t lie to you, it is a number with 12 zeros! This is 50 Trillion Zimbabwean Dollars, that were issued in year 2008. The Zimbabwean Dollar was the official currency of Zimbabwe. However, due to hyperinflation that could not be handled by the government, on 12 April 2009 the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe abandoned the use of dollar as an official currency.
Zimbabwe, 50 Trillion Dollars, 2008